Monday, 23 September 2013

About Windows 8.1 "Smart Search"

In October 2012 it caused a small "rebellion" against Canonical when they released Ubuntu 12.10 with built-in Amazon search. The problem was that users' search was sent to Amazon even when they intended to search locally. That "feature" wasn't welcome in the Linux community to say the least. Now, just one year later, Microsoft is going to release the same "feature" in Windows 8.1. The big difference is that users can disable it. However, watching the silence of the Windows community and knowing the willingness of the average Windows user to fiddle with system settings, I am sure Microsoft copied a perfect solution to monitor their customers. The rare moment I must admit: albeit unethical, this was a very clever move.
And as a side-effect, since the search engine can't be changed for this feature, we can expect a serious gain of Bing's market share; a search hit for Bing every single time a user does search on their desktop.