Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Chrome has an 'antivirus' tool now

Chrome is my chosen web browser. Not because it is the best browser (which it is imho). But because it is the best OS. It is the case for many years now that you can do (almost) everything in your web browser. Although some browsers just recently learnt how to do it properly, the 'rendering webpages' is just a basic functionality that a good browser provides. You can login to Chrome. With multiple accounts on the same hosting environment (= that 'real' OS that runs the one you actually use). And install applications, plugins, extensions, themes. And the next evolutionary step: it requires now an 'antivirus' software. Technically speaking we are not talking about viruses. It is spyware/adware/malware extensions that can steal your data spy on you or break your browsing experience. I hope Google will embed this in their OS sooner than Microsoft did it for Windows (see: Windows Defender).
Google Software Removal Tool (beta)