Wednesday, 14 November 2012

On the case of Sinofsky

I have controversial thoughts about this. As many others I also used to think that it is Ballmer who should have left the company years ago. But now I am unsure. Some of the mistakes MSFT did in the past years might be caused by Sinofsky's presence. I believe that the Windows department had a huge impact in killing Silverlight. And although I didn't jump the SL bandwagon, this was the rudest thing MS did with their developers in the last decade.
Maybe, maybe things going to get better now?

Sunday, 11 November 2012

What is success by Richard Branson

First time I heard his name was two years ago when he ran the London marathon in a fancy dress. I even didn't know who he was. I have a really bad memory for names so that's not a big deal. But there are people out there who deserve to remember their names even if I will never code have a beer with them. He is one of those.
What’s the best measurement for success? Happiness