Tuesday, 22 January 2013

My wishlist 2013 - from Apple

Please be AMAZING again, that's all I want from you. The price, the millimeters, the gigapixels and the market-share doesn't matter. You became just another '12.4% thinner, 9.1% lighter, 25% more megapixels' mobile-device maker. And in that league you are going to loose, even if we, who (used to?) love your products, have no idea where to turn next. After releasing the same phone three times it's high time to give us something new this year. Something new and amazing.

I don't have a MacBook yet, but after reading that even your ex-employees are 'struggling to accept the junk Apple keeps adding to OS X' and 'trying to keep the faith' I am not sure anymore that I want one. But I also don't think that the gap shrinking between you and your competition is that bad as Cringely says. Those who appreciate the real quality won't buy some plastic replica just because it's cheaper.

My Nexus 4 has been shipped one hour ago. Somewhere deep in my heart mind I still hope that it's going to be just a temporary change for me.