Wednesday, 16 January 2013

My wishlist for 2013 - from Microsoft

First of all sort this mess out please. I am asking you as a developer.

Then this other one: There is no reason to differentiate smartphones from tablets. Especially today when all the high-end phones come with Full HD resolution and ~5" display and the most successful tablets with size ~7". They should run the same OS and the same applications from the same appmarket.

And give me a reason to buy a Windows Phone by the end of this year. Beginning of 2011 I was considering to buy one by the end of that year. But there was no reason to do so. Then I planned it again in 2012 but you decided to purge everything and start again from scratch. If you are lucky and Apple stays hibernated for another year then you can win me and probably some more users. Just give a good reason other than you have phones in magenta and other colors that no man can name. Oh, and leave the league of  "Other" where currently your mobiles are listed in the recent statistics. Chicken and egg problem I know :)

This is a good start. Albeit it's not your merit but the sleeping Apple's fault. I remember there was time when people queued for Windows 95 and I believe some did also for XBox and recently for Surface. But the man-months spent in Microsoft queues is far less than those spent in Apple queues. If you really want to be cool, be determined and try harder.