Saturday, 19 January 2013

Times are changing

Not that long time ago, in the high-school, I used to borrow CDs and copy the tracks I liked the most to audio tapes. Some years later the more wealthy guys had CD writers in their PCs. Some more years passed and this week HMV went into administration. I can't name any other store on the high street you could buy CDs in. But why would you do that anyway? For the price of one CD you can have all the music of the world on all your devices for a month. I opened the CD tray of my Denon only once, just to see if the cup holder is in place.

Some more years ago, in the prep school, I had one of these:

It froze only once; in a very cold Winter in the Ukraine at about -30 degrees Celsius. After warming up it was back to life. Back to the future, and some days ago I updated the software of my watch. Wirelessly!

It's a wonderful watch, I am not complaining. I am not sure if I could remember how to put one leg in front of the other when I run if I didn't have this on my wrist. But since the update it freezes on a daily basis. I'm going to downgrade it. I hope it's doable with no jailbreak or root access to the OS it runs.

Times are changin'.