Friday, 5 April 2013

Facebook Home (updated)

Yesterday Facebook announced Home. I am not on Facebook (more about that later), but I like the concept: when somebody contacts me or updates their status I don't care much about the application they used but I care about the person. If it's a close friend I want to see their updates and messages, if it's just a acquaintance probably I wouldn't mind to read their updates until some later time or just omit it completely. On the other hand the implementation is far from being perfect: will Facebook let Twitter, Email, Google+ or GTalk updates to be integrated in Home? I don't think so, even if Zuckerberg doesn't deny it (3rd question from the bottom). That would break the business concept behind the idea: make users use Facebook more flawlessly than the rival platforms. It would be nice to read a comparison by a generation Z reviewer of Facebook Home, Windows Phone and HTC Sense's similar solutions .

Update: The word is out there that Google works on a Unified Messaging application ([1] [2] [3]...) Probably another half-baked almost-ideal solution for the users: merging messages only from the Google systems. This is just the extension of the game we've been watching since the "app store war" is over: extending the platform close in. Apple, Facebook ( with Microsoft?) and Google all provide their unified messaging experience. Maybe Google Reader was also the victim of this war? And the losers of this war are the blog and micro-blog platforms.