Monday, 23 September 2013

Actually usable Windows tablets on the horizon

And no, I am not talking about the new Surface "tablets". Beginning this September Intel announced their new tablet processor family built on Bay Trail architecture. This is a great news for those who plan to buy a Windows tablet this year. Including me :) As of today there are three options:
  • Windows RT tablet. That's a joke, not an option.
  • Full Windows tablet with non-Atom processor. And with CPU-fan. And at least 800gr weight... that's not a tablet.
  • Full Windows tablet with Atom Z2760 processor. And 2GB memory. That's a joke again.
With the 3000 series Atom processors we can have a full Windows tablet with 4GB memory, no CPU fan, and ideally also in size 8" and sub-1-pound weight. Like one of these. For the 64bit versions we have to wait until Q1 2014.